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Welcome to my blog. It's painless, I promise and hopefully I'll be able to share content and stories with you as they happen.ย 

You'll notice that Beth's Blog is a combination of my personal and professional life. I'll share everything that interests me from my family, work, food. It's a mish-mash of what I do and who I am. Please stick around and let's be friends. Oh and grammar police, please leave your badge at the door. Thank you.ย 

Our social media nerd herd has a new member! ๐Ÿค“ Bri Gorman, is joining the team as an Ad Specialist and is so ready to geek out over ad strategy that gets results (and the occasional BuzzFeed quiz). Yeah... she'll fit in nicely. ๐Ÿ™Œ
Website Experience Manager
Weโ€™re hiring! We have an opening on our Innovation Squad for a Website Experience Manager to focus on our website development and partnerships but also have a voice on our innovation squad who beta tests new content, technology, and other cool shit. Apply at:
What's the number one rule of social? Be human. We're practicing what we preach in this week's edition of The Social Status. Subscribe and see what we're talking about.
Beth Trejo is number 20 on Comparably's Best CEO's for Women in 2019! Help us celebrate with a gif.
Congratulations to the winners of Comparably's Best CEOs for Women 2019! TripActions Phenom People Levelset Eargo Sitetracker TaxJar CultureIQ SmartProcure KRT Marketing - Recruitment Advertising Agency Branch SalesLoft Arista MD SmartBug Media Chatterkick Boostability Buildium Greenhouse Software Culture Amp Infrrd ForwardLine Zipwhip SnackNation Bumble EdCast Eversight Periscope Data AODocs BambooHR InvestCloud, Inc. Archer Education AdTheorent Mixpanel HG Insights Company Life360 Clover Network, Inc. MomentFeed
RIP Chatterkick Landline
7 and a half years ago, Kelsey Martin brought her apartment landline to join the adventure at Chatterkick. Four offices later, we've had thousands of calls, transferred lines to team members by pressing mute and walking it across the room, and watched Kristy Plucker run across the office to answer while it rang one solid ring. Today marks the end of an era, the ol' panasonic is headed into the Chatterkick vault. We're not crying, you're crying! ๐Ÿ˜ข
Donโ€™t sleep on Facebookโ€™s Dynamic Creative for ads. Dynamic creative finds optimized ad creative combinations by taking your creative, text, and CTAs and automatically generating combinations of these assets across audiences. The delivery system optimizes for high-performing creative combinations. Dynamic creative is a great tool for anyone with a lot of assets who want to learn what creative resonates with different audiences.
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