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Welcome to my blog. It's painless, I promise and hopefully I'll be able to share content and stories with you as they happen.Β 

You'll notice that Beth's Blog is a combination of my personal and professional life. I'll share everything that interests me from my family, work, food. It's a mish-mash of what I do and who I am. Please stick around and let's be friends. Oh and grammar police, please leave your badge at the door. Thank you.Β 

If you have an amazing iced coffee from Heartland Coffee & Nosh and don't share it on social, did it even happen?! πŸ€” Our Digital Content Coordinator, Jaclyn, didn't want to chance it. Good call, Jaclyn. Good call.
Join us tomorrow at 9 am in Sioux City at Springboard Coworking for First Friday Coffee. Beth will be talking about Websites: Building, Buying, and Maintaining. Free and open to the public so see you there!
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"So I think one of the things for me, for us at Chatterkick and just personally, is to be authentic, to be real, approachable, always be curious and always learn new things and that's something that we hold very close." β€” Our fearless leader, Beth Trejo ✨
Our #1stfridaycoffee at Springboard Coworking went by too fast - and not just because of the caffeine. β˜• Fearless leader and CEO Beth Trejo spoke about websites and our story as a Sioux City startup.
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