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Welcome to my blog. It's painless, I promise and hopefully I'll be able to share content and stories with you as they happen. 

You'll notice that Beth's Blog is a combination of my personal and professional life. I'll share everything that interests me from my family, work, food. It's a mish-mash of what I do and who I am. Please stick around and let's be friends. Oh and grammar police, please leave your badge at the door. Thank you. 

The team wanted to congratulate Beth on Chatterkick's recent awards and recognition, so we gifted her a fantastic 3-D image of her spirit animal. 🐬 👌 Zoom in on the picture to see fin-spirational messages from the team. 😉
👀 We see a familiar face! 👀 Beth Trejo, our fearless leader and resident rockstar of #iowatech, graces the cover of Technology Association of Iowa (TAI)'s latest issue. 👏 Catch her by tuning into TAI's new podcast, #TechnicallyIowa.
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